Apply now to work as an arborist in Australia!

There’s nothing more exciting and adventurous than working as an arborist in Australia! The country’s climate and growing conditions are perfect for trees, so there’s always plenty of work to do. This could be the perfect job if you enjoy climbing and being outdoors! Apply now with your resume and cover letter to start a career you’ll love!

Apply now to work as an arborist in Australia!

Are you seeking a career shift in Australia to become an arborist? If yes, read this article to understand what it takes to work as an arborist in Australia, including how to prepare for the job, locate an employer, and how much you can expect to make as an arborist in Australia. In addition to learning about the legal responsibilities of an Australian arborist, you will also discover some intriguing facts about the field that you may not already know!

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About Jobs employment in Australia

Australia is a stunning nation with diverse landscapes and weather. The climate and landscape differ significantly from the tropical rainforest of Northern Queensland to the deserts of Western Australia. The population of Australia speaks around 250 languages, with English being the most frequent. With so much natural beauty and so many English speakers, it's no surprise that there are so many employment opportunities for individuals who wish to live and work in this great nation. There are more job vacancies than ever in some occupations in Australia, where employment is rising.

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Health care is top-notch.

Australia's healthcare system is famous internationally for its excellent quality and low cost. There are several private health insurance tiers, but the public system is superb and covers everyone, even tourists, with no out-of-pocket costs. When you arrive in the nation, you must visit your local primary care clinic so they can determine the amount of coverage you require. If you have any pre-existing ailments that may require treatment while traveling, inform them before you go!
What am I going to do? Your primary responsibilities will include planting and maintaining existing trees through branch cutting and regular tree upkeep.

Work permit visa in Australia

How can I obtain an Australian Work visa? To get an Australian Work visa, you must apply for and be approved under either the General Skilled Migration Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.
With a General Skilled Migration Visa, you can work anywhere in the nation. A Regional Sponsored program targets particular regions of the country. The required abilities differ based on the desired location. If you are applying for a sponsored visa for the first time, you may have to wait up to 18 months for approval.

Live and Work in Australia

Working overseas may be ideal if you're trying to escape the rat race and explore a different culture. Whether climbing trees or working abroad, you never know what you'll discover until you leap. Follow our instructions and suggestions for living and working abroad, such as establishing your expertise, investigating where you'd like to go, and acquiring the necessary legal paperwork. As a starting point, you might study how to become an arborist climber in Australia.

This blog article from Getting to Australia explains how anybody may begin their adventure and apply to work as an Arborist Climber in Australia now. Follow the steps below to see whether any positions meet your requirements: - Determine whatever applicable talents you possess. - Research prospective places. Determine what documentation is necessary.

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Who is an Arborist

An arborist is a trained and experienced expert in the care and construction of trees, shrubs, and other plants. They have horticulture knowledge of tree care, including the ability to identify issues, provide remedies, and execute tree surgery. After hurricanes or other natural catastrophes, arborists are frequently requested for emergency assistance. Arborists also give planting design consultations. Although arborists can receive various degrees and certificates, most professional arborists are members of their state's ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) chapter and hold a PIC (Professional Inspector Certification). To do this profession, you must be physically active and able to operate under challenging conditions, such as height, tight places, uneven terrain, inclement weather (rain), insects, snakes, etc.

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About work in Australia as an Arborist

Australia is a beautiful country that offers overseas workers several employment alternatives. A career as an Arborist Climber is one of these options. For those unaware, an Arborist Climber climbs trees and other buildings to remove dead branches and do other maintenance duties. If you have a passion for nature and the great outdoors, this profession is not only challenging but also gratifying. If you possess the necessary talents and wish to work in this field in Australia, there is no better time than now, as we are always seeking competent applicants. Interested? Please begin immediately by completing our application form.

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How do I apply

Interested? Then apply today. Totaljobs is looking for people who are physically fit and able to climb trees. Please email your resume and a cover letter with the subject line APPLY NOW: Arborist Climbers perform many climbing tasks. These include tree planting, pruning, cabling, and removing hazardous branches from power lines. If you're interested in working as an Arborist Climber in Australia, then don't hesitate to send us your application today!

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Jobs Reviews

Here are the details about the Available jobs in Australia. Below is all the information you need to apply for these Jobs

 Multiple vacancies Across Australia

  • Sydney - NSW
  • Launceston - TAS
  • Brisbane - QLD
  • Melbourne - VIC
  • Western Sydney, Northern Beaches, Southern Highlands - NSW
  • Queanbeyan - NSW
  • Adelaide, South Lonsdale - SA
  • Darwin - NT
  • All Canberra - ACT

The Companies 
They are Australia’s leading and established providers of arboriculture, ecological, and green asset management services. The service advises major cities, governments, and utility companies across Australia to help keep communities safe and green.

From tree climbers to software developers, fleet managers to heavy machinery operators, they are diverse in their skill sets, backgrounds, and locations.

  1. Basic Requirement
  2.     A current and unrestricted driver's license
  3.     Climbing experience
  4.     Elevated Work Platform license/ticket or willingness to obtain one
  5.     Chainsaw operation ticket
  6.     An MR/HR class driver’s license is highly desirable
  7.     Industry experience and qualifications (Cert II ESI Powerline Vegetation Control or Cert III Horticulture/Arboriculture are highly advantageous)
  8.     The ability to work as part of a team with a mature outlook and good communication skills

The benefit of These Jobs 

  •   Full-time permanent role with job security
  •     Ongoing opportunities for overtime
  • 7 am   4 pm – 4 pm with RDO once a fortnight (work a 9-day fortnight)
  •     All PPE and uniforms provided
  •     Continuous training and development to gain formal qualifications and progress your career within the organization
  •     TSS Visa Sponsorship available for outstanding candidates

How to Apply

If you think you have the above qualities, are looking for a new challenge, and believe you have what it takes to drive a team to succeed consistently, please forward your resume, along with a cover letter, by clicking on the apply button below.

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Final Remarks

Did you know that the average Climber income is $107,000? Try applying for the position of Arborist Climber today if you're seeking a new job. To begin the application process, please complete this form. You may start working with our organization in just a few straightforward steps! We'll assess your qualifications and contact you within 48 hours if we believe you're a match for the position. - Once you've been hired, we'll give you extensive training so that you feel confident and equipped for this position!
Apply immediately if you are interested in becoming an Arborist Climber in Australia. To begin the application process, please complete this form. We will let you know within 48 hours of submitting your application whether you are qualified to work for us. After hiring you, we will give extensive training so that you feel competent and prepared for the position.

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