Auto Mechanic/Technician - Australia's Leading Auto Techs

Working as an auto mechanic or technician is among the most rewarding professions to pursue. You get to work with a variety of vehicles, and you may always learn something interesting or new, whether it's about various vehicles or how to do various maintenance and repair procedures on vehicles. What distinguishes you from the hundreds of candidates vying for the same jobs as automobile mechanics/technicians in the present job market? That need is met by this article

Auto Mechanic/Technician - Australia's Leading Auto Techs

Australia's top car repair shop, Auto Techs, is well-liked by vehicle owners for the quality of its work. Over the course of its more than 20-year existence, the company has repaired hundreds of thousands of automobiles. Their offerings include brake repair, worn-out part replacement, and several other upkeep tasks to keep your automobile operating smoothly over the long haul. See this article for advice on selecting a local car technician!

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Obtain a work visa for Australia

You must apply for an Australian work visa if you want to work as a mechanic in Australia. There are a number different methods for doing this. Visit the website of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, or speak with a local immigration attorney. Depending on the type of visa being sought for, you will be provided with a list of prerequisites.
The most typical kind is a temporary skilled worker visa (457), which is valid for up to four years.

What is Auto Mechanic/Technician

An automotive mechanic job is for you if you enjoy working with tools, have a passion for vehicles, and want to spend your days in a workshop. The upkeep and repair of cars are within the purview of the automotive mechanic. You will need to get training in at least one automotive technical discipline, such as braking and suspension systems, gasoline or diesel engine maintenance. Most auto technicians are needed to operate on older vehicles that use carburetors rather than fuel injectors in addition to working on current automobiles.

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Concerning Australian Jobs

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and working with your hands, becoming a mechanic or technician might be a terrific career choice. If you're passionate about cars, becoming an auto technician or mechanic might be your ideal career path. Continue reading to find out more about what it takes to enter this field! By identifying mechanical issues, fixing them, troubleshooting them, etc., an automotive mechanic or technician fixes cars and other motorized vehicles. Before entering the workforce, you must finish a number of training courses to enhance your abilities as an automobile mechanic or technician.

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Job Role

The automobile mechanic or technician plays a crucial role in the sector. They are in charge of identifying and resolving any automotive mechanical issues. All makes and models of automobiles, trucks, and other motorized vehicles are serviced by these experts. Both small shops and big dealerships have a lot of openings for car technicians. You need to be mechanically inclined and love working on cars by hand in order to succeed in this area of employment. Since the majority of occupations require problem-solving abilities, you also need to be really interested in solving problems. Depending on where you work as an automobile mechanic or technician, your hours may change; some jobs will give more hours than others. This position can be ideal for you if you like the idea of having complete control over your schedule.

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Working as a Technician or Auto Mechanic

You will be in charge of diagnosing and fixing automotive cars in your capacity as an automotive mechanic or technician. A variety of tools and equipment, including hand tools, power tools, jacks, hoists, and lifts, will be used by you. An automobile technician should not be mistaken with an auto mechanic. Both have the ability to diagnose and fix automobile systems, although mechanics often have greater experience with mechanical fixes such changing brake pads or engine components.
It is crucial that technicians stay current on new vehicle models and maintenance requirements as automotive technology develops towards electric automobiles and driverless autos.
Working on farm machinery and agricultural equipment in addition to automobiles might be a part of a job as a mechanic.

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Skills And Experience Needed

To work as an automotive mechanic, you'll need to be a licensed automotive technician with at least 2 years of experience in the trade. You must also have an understanding of auto electronics and computer controls, plus excellent written and verbal communications skills. Automotive mechanics must know how to use specialized tools, such as hydraulic lifts and engine hoists. Knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) is helpful, but not necessary. However, training for CAD programs can be found through automotive training institutions. The average salary for automotive mechanics varies by geographical location, ranging from $41K to $59K per year. Benefits may include health insurance and retirement plans; some employers offer on-site day care services or subsidized public transportation passes for employees’ families.

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The salary of an automotive mechanic or technician can range from AU$30,000 to AU$80,000 depending on the person's experience and company. The average salary is around AU$65,000. Automotive mechanics work in a variety of different settings: shops, dealerships, garages and even for individual clients at their home. They usually spend about two thirds of their time working inside a building and one third working outside with customers' vehicles. For many people in this profession, it's not just about earning money but also about feeling fulfilled by what they do every day. A car doesn't need an engine or parts to make you feel proud that you fixed it up!

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Training And Certification Requirements

It takes a lot of commitment to be an Automotive Mechanic. There are various training and certification requirements you must meet before you can start working on cars. Some countries may require you to have a license, or a certificate in automotive technology before you can work in the industry. In order to become a licensed Automotive Technician, for example, one would need to undergo training at an automotive trade school and then get some experience in the industry before they would be eligible for their state certification exam. Automotive mechanics in the United States also need to be ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. To obtain this certification, one needs to pass ASE’s written and performance exams after completing education from an approved program.

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Job Prospects

The diagnosis, upkeep, and repair of automobiles fall within the purview of the auto mechanic. With more than 30% of automobile mechanics reporting an annual pay of more than AU$80,000, this profession has excellent potential.
There are many chances to acquire the requisite skills if you are interested in a profession as an auto mechanic but lack the required formal education. The majority of vocational and technical institutions provide a selection of courses that may be taken on- or off-campus.

How Can I Become A Car Mechanic?

Identifying your skill set is the first step if you want to work as an automobile technician. Mechanics can be divided into two categories: those who work on vehicles and trucks and those who work on motorcycles and other small engines. While both car and truck mechanics and motorcycle technicians must be able to effectively identify issues, car and truck mechanics must have a greater understanding of electronics. Selecting a suitable school or apprenticeship program is the next step.

Auto Mechanics Career Paths

Becoming an auto mechanic can be a rewarding career choice. It’s also a great opportunity for those who may not have the qualifications or the money to pursue a four-year degree. There are plenty of options for education, certification, and apprenticeships.
The first step to becoming an automotive technician is earning your high school diploma or GED. Then you can get an associate’s degree in automotive technology from a community college. You can find many different schools that offer these programs as well as general education requirements like English, math, and science. Many graduates from these programs go on to work at dealerships or manufacturers where they repair cars after they come off the assembly line. Others choose to go into business for themselves by opening up their own garage which allows them more freedom with what hours they work and how much money they make.

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The Role

You are to perform scheduled maintenance services, detect and diagnose faults in engines and parts, dismantle and remove engine assemblies, transmissions, steering mechanism and other components, test and adjust mechanical parts, inspect vehicles for road worthiness, repair and replace worn or defective parts, and tyre fitting.

  • Fault Diagnosis
  • Wheel alignment
  • General Repair of Suspension and Steering components
  • Brake Repairs
  • Moderate Electrical installations including towbars.
  • Liaise with Customers.
  • GVM upgrades

To be successful in this role, you also must have excellent customer service and people skills, as well as the ability to multitask and work effectively as part of a productive team.

Ideal Candidates

• Trade Qualified Light Vehicle Motor Mechanics
• with at least 1 to 2 years of Automotive experience post apprenticeship.
• With current driver's license
• Customer-service focused, with positive attitude and work ethic


Qualified candidates can look forward to competitive remuneration package, including a generous bonus plan, overtime pay, product discounts, laundered uniforms, among others.

The workshop carries the latest equipment, and scan tools, and the company offers as well opportunities for skills development and career progression.

How to Apply

If you think you have the above qualities, are looking for a new challenge, and believe you have what it takes to drive a team to succeed consistently, please forward your resume, along with a cover letter, by clicking on the apply button below. 

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Final Thought 

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