Emily Boutmy Scholarships, awarded by SciencePo France, will be given out in 2023 and 2024.

Although you might feel too young to consider scholarships, it never hurts to start planning ahead in this area! Since 2006, SciencePo France has given 60 PhD candidates from throughout the world who are interested in cooperating with and working in Francophone nations the Emily Boutmy Scholarships. Check out these suggestions on how to apply for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships 2023–2024 even though the scholarship applications are currently available.

Emily Boutmy Scholarships, awarded by SciencePo France, will be given out in 2023 and 2024.

The Emile Boutmy Scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research will provide financial aid to anyone with a documented need who are pursuing higher education in France from now until July 1, 2023. All nationalities are eligible to apply for these scholarships as long as they can demonstrate their legal residency in France or another European nation or a valid international student visa for the duration of their study. Additionally, you must be registered in an authorized course at a French institution.

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Describe a scholarship

Ingrid Boutmy Sciences Po France offers scholarships to deserving French students who want to pursue graduate courses in the US. A two-year degree program or a one-year Master's program are both eligible for the award. Each year, up to two scholarships for €25,000 can be given out.

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What are the Emily Boutmy Scholarships

The École nationale d'administration offers the coveted Emily Boutmy Scholarship. It is available to students at Sciences Po Paris who desire to pursue a Masters or PhD in public management, international relations, or political science. The scholarship will pay for two years of education as well as 1,500 euros per month in living expenses. .

France SciencePo is currently accepting online applications for their Emily Boutmy Fully-funded Scholarships in 2023-2024 for undergraduate and master's level fields. International students interested in enrolling in undergraduate programs in France must submit applications for the Emily Boutmy Scholarship 2023–2024 by February 22, 2023, while those seeking master's degrees must submit applications by November 30, 2022.

Has France always been one of your dream holiday destinations? What sort of activities do you prefer to do there? Who is capable? Of course, by being awarded an Emily Boutmy Scholarship.

Thanks to the Emily Boutmy Scholarships Fund, international students have a wonderful opportunity to live and study in France for a few years while growing in the country's controlled academic atmosphere. Do you want to be one of the lucky few to get financial help to go to the best institution in France?

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Why should you apply for them

The Emily Boutmy Scholarships from SciencePo France allow students to study abroad for a full academic year. All you need is good grades and an interest in politics, international relations or public management. If this sounds like you, then you should apply for the scholarship. It's a great way to explore the world and make connections with people who share your interests. You'll also have plenty of time at home before starting school again, so if you're worried about missing out on your friends, don't be!

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Grants for Emily Boutmy Scholarships include the following:

The perks and advantages promised to those who are awarded a France Government Scholarship by the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Fund are listed below.

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For undergraduate students:

All faculties of Science Po require three years to complete a bachelor's degree. The Emily Boutmy Scholarships provide undergraduate students money at several levels, each of which has a distinct grant amount. The many forms of financial aid available to overseas students are listed below

Benefits of the Emily Boutmy Scholarships for Type A:

  • Grant for tuition fee worth €13,000 per year throughout the Bachelor’s degree program
  • A grant towards living costs amounting to €5,000 for three years.

Benefits of the Emily Boutmy Scholarships for Type B:

  • A grant for Tuition fees worth €8,800 per year throughout the Bachelor’s degree program.

Benefits of the Emily Boutmy Scholarships for Type C:

  • A grant for tuition fees worth €6,000 per year throughout the Bachelor’s degree program

Benefits of the Emily Boutmy Scholarships for Type D:

  • A grant for tuition fees worth €3,600 per year throughout the Bachelor’s degree program.

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Students in graduate level:

The graduate programs at Science Po include of a Master's program and a Ph.D. program, both of which may be completed in either one or two years. In addition, via partnerships with educational institutions in other countries, Science Po is able to confer joint Master's degrees.

Under the auspices of the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Fund, graduate students at Science Po can take advantage of the following opportunities: a single payment of €12,200 toward the total cost of the yearly tuition for the duration of the Master's program.

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Scholarship Program in Honor of Emily Boutmy from SciencePo, 2023-2024: 

Science Po France is now taking online applications from prospective students for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships, which will be granted to students enrolled in top French institutions for the academic year 2023-2024.

The Paris Institute of Political Studies, often known as Science Po University in France, is the organization behind the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Awards. The Emily Boutmy Scholarship Awards are designed to give outstanding students from across the world with the chance to pursue higher education at a modern, research-focused university in France that is considered as one of the country's most prominent educational institutions. These prizes bear the name of the creator.

We have some exciting news for anybody considering applying for a scholarship through the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Program. The Emily Boutmy Scholarship Program is now taking applications for the next academic year, which begins in 2023. If you're curious about the reward, keep an eye on this transcript.

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Details of the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Program:-

Host country: France

Host university: Paris Institute of Political Studies
Course levels: Bachelor’s level, Master’s, Ph.D.
Emily Boutmy Scholarship Acceptance rate: 18%

Available faculties:

    • School of International Affairs
    • School of Public Affairs
    • School of Management and Innovation
    • School of Law
    • School of Urban Studies
    • Doctoral School
      • Economics
      • History
      • Political sciences 
      • Sociology
        • School of Journalism.

Qualifications Required to Submit an Application for the Emily Boutmy Scholarship:

The Emily Boutmy Scholarship Fund places various restrictions on who is eligible to apply for the scholarship program. These restrictions include the level of education attained by candidates as well as their countries of origin.

The following is a comprehensive list of the qualifying requirements for the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Program for the academic years 2022-2023:


  • Applicant can be of any nationality except for European
  • Candidates who possess a dual nationality are not eligible to apply, provided that one of them is an EU citizenship
  • Swiss and Norwegian students cannot apply for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships as they may be entitled for the CROUS Scholarships
  • Candidates from Quebec cannot apply for a Master’s degree program but are eligible to apply for a Bachelor’s degree program

Educational requirements:

  • The Emily Boutmy Scholarship does not fund dual degree Bachelor’s programs except for some under specific terms
  • The Emily Boutmy Scholarship Fund does not support any dual degree Master’s programs except for:
    • Dual degree in Journalism from Science Po & Columbia University
    • Dual degrees from Science Po & Fudan University (only for Chinese national students)
    • Dual degrees from Science Po & Peking University (only for Chinese national students) 
  • Exchange students are not eligible to apply for the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Program
  • Applicants must be applying to the Emily Boutmy Scholarship Program for the first time

Language Proficiency Requirements:

  • To apply for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships, a language proficiency certificate in French is not mandatory, provided that the applicant has command over the English language.

The following is the application process for the Emily Boutmy Scholarship:

You can submit an application for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships by submitting directly to Science Po (you can find a link to the application at the foot of this page), and making sure to indicate the name of the scholarship in the "Financial Information" section of your application.

List of documents required for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships:-

Only those applications processed by the scholarship panel will be entertained which submit complete documents; that is, they are accompanied by all the required documents for verification.

Following are the documents required for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships 2023-2024:

  •     Photocopy of latest degree earned
  •     Photocopy of latest academic transcript 
  •     Two recommendation letters
  •     Research proposal
  •     Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  •     Official English Language Proficiency Certificate
  •     Proof of family income
  •     Other reference documents (if applicable).

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The application deadline for the Emily Boutmy Scholarships 2023 is:

The Emily Boutmy Scholarships 2023-2024 have a variety of application deadlines available, each of which corresponds to a certain degree level.

The last day for submission of applications for students interested in pursuing a Bachelor's degree is February 22nd, 2023.

The 30th of November in 2022 is the cutoff date for application submissions from graduate students.

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Final Thought 

The scholarship is available to students of all nationalities who are presently enrolled in a master's degree program at a French institution and would want to study at SciencePo. Applicants must have completed at least two semesters of their master's degree program and exhibit outstanding academic achievement to be eligible for this prize. The application deadline is in December. The Emily Boutmy Scholarship webpage has further information about this scholarships.

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