How To Get A Canadian Diplomatic/ Official Visa

Do you need a Canadian diplomatic/official visa to visit the country where your employer has an office? If so, how can you get one? Depending on your country of origin and your personal circumstances, obtaining a Canadian visa may be difficult or impossible. Thus, if you are planning to visit Canada and work there, you should obtain a Canadian diplomatic/official visa. There are times when getting a visa to visit the country where you work is not possible. Perhaps you are already a citizen of that country and want to travel to another for business purposes. Or perhaps you have family ties there and want to live and work there conveniently. In all cases, obtaining a Canadian diplomatic/official visa will allow you to do so with more ease and convenience than ever before.

How To Get A Canadian Diplomatic/ Official Visa

Do you want to visit Canada but are afraid of the possibility of getting a tourist visa? Do you need a Canadian diplomatic/ official visa? Are you wondering how to get a Canadian visa? The good news is that with a little bit of preparation, you can acquire a valid visa for Canada easily. Keep reading to know how! In most cases, getting a visitor visa is not a problem for someone looking to see one particular country or city from abroad. But what if you already have an international passport and want to visit another country but do not want to overstay your visa? Or what if you are an expat working in Canada but want to come home again – namely, on business? Then getting a tourist or business visa might be an issue. iosyncratic requirements for diplomats and their dependents as well as rules concerning the use of diplomatic status by private citizens may make obtaining a Canadian visa challenging. For these reasons, many people avoid visiting Canada unless they have to. That said, not all aspects of the process are impossible to overcome. In this article we'll discuss how to get a Canadian diplomatic/ official visa without the risk of running into any problems that might beset travelers who just want to spend some time in this fabulous North American country.

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What is a diplomatic visa?

A diplomatic visa is a special legalized entry into a country for someone traveling as an envoy, consul or special private delegate. The person seeking the visa must be accredited by the host country’s diplomatic mission. If the person seeking to enter the country is not a diplomat, the visa will simply be extended for a stay of up to 30 days.

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Why would you need a Canadian diplomatic/ official visa?

If you are not a diplomat and just want to visit one country and then return home, there is no need for a special Canadian diplomatic/ official visa. However, if you are interested in going to a specific country, and its government has requested that you visit them, a special visa may be granted.

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Who Requires a Diplomatic and Official Visa for Canada?

Diplomats and foreign officials do not need a visa to enter Canada if they fall under one of the following categories:

On their former passport, which was issued by the Canadian Chief of Protocol for Global Affairs on behalf of the Canadian Government, is a diplomatic, consular, or official Acceptance.

They are qualified diplomats, representatives, officers, or employees of a nation that is a member of the United Nations or other organizations of which Canada is a part.

Even if you are from one of the nations that need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter Canada for other purposes, if you are a diplomat or official and are not in one of these instances, you will need a diplomatic or official Canada visa.

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What Can I Do With a Canadian Diplomatic and Offical Visa?

You won't have to go through a customs or immigration check while entering Canada if you have a Canadian Offical and Diplomatic Visa. There will just be a security check required of you.

You are only permitted to remain in Canada once you have done so if you have an itinerary filled with obligations or official activities. You are not permitted to attempt to work, study, or overstay your visa in Canada. You are not eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, get documentation issued by Canada, or make claims for Canadian benefits like health insurance.

Only the itinerary for your official tasks is permitted. You must apply for a Canada Visitor Visa or another visa that is appropriate for your purpose if you intend to go to Canada for leisure or other purposes. You must have official obligations in Canada in order to arrive with a diplomatic visa, even if you hold a diplomatic or official passport.

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How to get a visa to visit Canada

There are many ways to get a visa to visit Canada. You can apply online at the official Canadian visa website, or through one of the myriad of visa broker websites. You can also pick up a tourist visa at the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country, if you are a citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Canada. There is no fee for this, as you are simply using your passport as a travel document. The same applies to business and official travel, although you will need to purchase a separate visa for that.

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What documents are necessary to acquire a Canadian visa?

All visitors to Canada must possess one of the following: - A valid passport - An international travel document (passport Afghanistan, passports for Commonwealth realms, etc.) - A visa (for selected countries) It is recommended that you carry your passport and all travel documents with you when you plan to visit Canada. You should also keep in mind that the carrying of a knife or other weapon is illegal in many places in Canada.

What are the requirements of the Canada Diplomatic and Official Visa?

There are multiple requirements to qualify for the Canada Diplomatic and Official Visa. The initial requirements must be your position within your foreign government. Different positions qualify for the Diplomatic Visa and for the Official Visa.

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Diplomatic Visa Qualified Positions

You must belong to one of these categories to qualify for a Diplomatic Visa:

  •     Head of State or a member of an organization with duties of Heads of State. If you are a Head of State, then your family members qualify to accompany you to Canada with the Diplomatic Visa;
  •     Head of Government or a minister of a Government Cabinet from a foreign country. If you are a Head of Government, your family members also qualify to accompany you to Canada;
  •     Diplomatic agent travelling to or from your diplomatic mission or you are starting a temporary diplomatic mission in Canada;
  •     Career consular officer travelling to or from your consular post or you are starting a temporary mission in Canada;
  •     Delegate of an international organization listed in the Temporary Foreign Worker Guidelines which includes delegates attending conferences of these international organization, not including clerical staff;
  •     Senior official such as a Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, or similar positions of an international organization listed in the Temporary Foreign Worker Guidelines;
  •     Senior officer at a P-4 level and above of the Secretariat of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);
        Foreign diplomatic courier;
  •     Special case authorized from the Headquarters of the Diplomatic Corps Services (XDC)
  •     Member of the family or household of a diplomatic agent or a senior officer of the Secretariat of ICAO.

Official Visa Qualified Positions

Official Visas are given to persons who fall under one of these categories:

  •     Member of an administrative and technical staff of a diplomatic mission or international organization; a consular staff of consular posts; or a service staff of a diplomatic mission or consular post in Canada;
  •     You hold a diplomatic or official passport and you have been invited by the Government of Canada or a provincial/territorial government to attend a meeting in Canada;
  •     Official or expert on a mission who is acting on behalf of an international organization listed on the Temporary Foreign Worker Guidelines or you are a contractual employee such as a translator hired by the United Nations or the International Civil Aviation Organization for one of their organized assemblies;
  •     Private servant of a member of a diplomatic mission or consular post with a valid Household Domestic Worker Employment Agreement form which has been submitted by your employer who is a member of a diplomatic mission, consular post, or GAC Protocol.
  •     Person who is a member of the family of any of the officials.

If you do not fulfill these requirements, then you will have to apply for either a Courtesy Visa or a different type of Temporary Canada Visa.

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Where to apply for a Canadian visa?

You can apply for a Canadian visa at the same consulate or embassy that you applied for your passport. You can also apply for a visa at a consulate or embassy in a different country.

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How long does it take to acquire a Canadian visa?

The actual time it takes to acquire a visa to visit Canada will depend on a number of things, including the purpose of your visit, your relationship with the embassy or consulate, and the condition of your passport. As a general rule, applying for a visa to visit Canada will take between 6 and 9 months. In some cases, it may take longer.

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Is there any way around the process?

The short answer is yes. Some people choose to travel to Canada as tourists, and then go back home again. While this is certainly an option, it is not recommended. First, you will need to spend a lot of time in your host country, and you will likely want to return to visit more countries. Second, if you are a tourist, chances are you will get snooped on by the authorities in your home country.

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The good news is that getting a valid tourist visa to visit Canada is not that difficult. In fact, it's easier than you would think. What's more, if you do it the right way, you won't even need to apply online.

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