How to Write a Letter of Invitation for a Canadian visa application

If you are applying for a Canadian visa, you will need to write a letter of invitation. This is a pre-stamped page that is addressed to the immigration officer at the Canadian embassy or mission. The letter must have all the necessary details about who it’s going to be delivered to, how many people are expected to attend and when the invitation should be sent out. Once you have written an invitation, you cannot change your mind and withdraw your application. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about writing a letter of invitation for a Canadian visa application.

How to Write a Letter of Invitation for a Canadian visa application

S A V I E T When you start to plan your vacation to Canada, it can be difficult to know which visa options will work best for you. Do you want something that'll let you stay and visit friends and familyIGHT or a special opportunity to experience the country right before your vacation?!? The decision process can get very intense. But one thing you should not worry about - we've got you covered with these detailed steps on how to write an invitation letter for a Canadian visa application. This guide explains everything from choosing the right paper type to writing the ultimate letter of invitation. So whether you're a complete newbie or an experienced writer, we have the information you need to write a successful immigration application!

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What is a letter of invitation?

A letter of invitation is a formal request from a non-governmental or governmental body (i.e. a club, a university, a government agency, etc.) to a non-governmental organization (NGO). The NGO that received the letter is then given permission to invite you to visit their facilities for consideration for a short period of time. The duration of your visit, the purpose of your visit, and the contact information of the individual who invited you are all outlined in the letter of invitation.

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Who Can Write an Invitation Letter for Canadian Visa?

As mentioned, an invitation letter for visa can be written by anyone you know well. It can be a close family member such as a parent, sibling, spouse, child, and so on, a close friend or a business partner if you are visiting Canada for business.

The important requirement in any case is that the person sending the invitation letter is a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada. The person inviting you cannot be an illegal immigrant or not have legal status in Canada. They must have a good standing status as well as a job and stream of income to increase the chances that their letter will have a positive impact on the Canadian Consulate’s decision to give you the visa.

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How to write a letter of invitation

Let's start by taking a look at the different types of letters of invitation you may want to use for your application. Residence or Departure Visas: These are the most common types of invitation letters and are the easiest to write. All you have to do is type the address of your desired address in the subject line and send your letter of invitation with your application. Work Visas: Work Visas are unique in that they allow you to work while in Canada. You have to attach a work permit to your application but the work you do for the organization will count towards your visa application. Student Visas: Basically, these are winter and spring break visas. You can only apply for them if you are a student at an institution that offers these breaks. Family Visas: These are for couples who have been together for a period of time and want to bring them together under the same roof. Senior Visas: These are for people who are at least 60 years old. Other Visas: What's a visa waiver? A visa waiver is a special type of visa that allows you to enter a country, stay there for a certain period of time, and then return to the same country to complete the same thing all over again.

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How to Place an Order for a Letter Inviting You to Visit Canada

By adhering to these simple procedures, you may have a letter of invitation to Canada sent straight to your email inbox:

  • Pick the plan that best suits you.
  • There are two different sorts of packages available for your selection: the Regular package and the Express package.
  • Complete the payment of any necessary fees. 

In order to complete the transaction, you will be required to provide some personal information, such as your first name, your last name, the nation in which you now reside, your email address, and information from your credit card. You have the option of paying with either a credit card or PayPal for this purchase.

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Complete the Invitation Letter form. 

Fill out the form with correct and sincere information about you, your guest, and the dates when your guest will enter and depart Canada. Also, ensure you provide correct information regarding the embassy or consulate to which you submit the invitation letter.

Submit the request. 

After you finish the invitation letter form with all the correct information, press complete. After that, we will receive your invitation letter form and provide you with the first draft of your letter.

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Receive your invitation letter in your inbox. 

We will send you the completed invitation letter form as a PDF within two to three days, depending on the type of package you choose.

Print the Letter of Invitation. 

After receiving the invitation letter, you must print the letter, sign it, and send it to your guest. Your guest must take the invitation letter and other supporting documents and send them to the Canadian Embassy in their home country.

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What conditions must be met for an invitation letter to Canada?

There are a few specifications for the information that the invitation letter for the Canada Visa must adhere to. The letter-writer must contain all of the information listed below; otherwise, there is a potential that the Canadian Consulate won't accept the letter, which, even worse, might make it more difficult for you to obtain a Canadian visa. There are three groups of specifications.

  •     The information of the visa applicant;
  •     The information of the person inviting the applicant;
  •     Specific information for the Super Visa.

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The information of the visa applicant

The invitation letter must include the following information about the visa applicant:

  •     The full name (first name and last name);
  •     Date of birth;
  •     Contact information (telephone number and email);
  •     Exact address;
  •     The relationship that the applicant has with the person inviting them;
  •     The purpose of the visit to Canada;
  •     The duration of the visit;
  • Where the applicant will stay in Canada and how they will pay for their stay;
  • The date when the person will arrive in Canada and the date they will leave;

The information of the person inviting the applicant

The Canada invitation letter must have this information on the person who is inviting the applicant to Canada:

  •     The full name (first name and last name);
  •     Date of birth;
  •     Contact information (telephone number and email);
  •     Exact address in Canada;

    Status in Canada (Canadian permanent resident or citizen) through providing a copy of their status such as:

  •         Canadian citizenship card or passport if the person is a citizen;
  •         Canadian birth certificate if the person was born in Canada;
  •         Copy of their Permanent Resident card or the IMM 1000 (Proof of Landing document), if they are a permanent resident;

    The job title;

    Names and dates of birth of close family members and dependents (spouse or common-law partner and children);

    The total number of people that live in your household, including people that the person has sponsored or whose sponsorship is still in effect).

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Information specific to the Super Visa

The Super Visa is a type of visa that allows grandparents and parents to stay longer than six months with their grandkids or children. There must be more information in the letter than what is already requested because this visa's validity period is longer than that of other Temporary Resident Visas. Therefore, when sending invitations to their parents or grandparents to visit Canada, children and grandchildren must additionally mention the following:

  •     A written and signed declaration that you will financially support your parents or grandparents for their whole stay in Canada;
  •     Proof that you have enough income for the total number of people living in your household, including for the visiting parents or grandparents.

The person who is inviting the application must sign and date the invitation letter, and if the Canadian Consulate so requests, it must also be notarized. It is not necessary to submit the letter together with the remainder of the application.

Instead, the letter must be delivered by the applicant to the Canadian Consulate together with the rest of the required paperwork. If submitting an online application, a scanned PDF copy of the letter must be included. The letter should be printed and a copy should be sent with the other documents if submitting a physical application.

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What should you include in your letter of invitation?

The type of invitation you choose will largely depend on the purpose of your visit to Canada. Some common invitation types are: Vacation Visas: For vacations lasting more than a week, a long-term visitor visa is the ideal option. These allow you to work while visiting Canada and stay in the country for up to five years. Winter or Spring Break Visas: These are for shorter visits, usually of less than a week. student visas family visas senior visas other visas.

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Why make your visa application in Canada look so impressive?

The important thing to keep in mind when writing an application for a Canadian visa is to make your application look as impressive as possible. This includes including supporting documentation, such as your passport, bank statements, and current contractor lists, as well as recent work history reports. You can prepare for this by reviewing our article on how to do a background check. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you make your visa application look impressive: Use the correct visa type for the purpose of your visit. Visit Canada as a tourist instead of studying at the University of Alberta. Forget about applying for a long-term tourist visa and instead, apply for a short-term visitor visa. These are more likely to get approved and will only allow you to work for one day. If possible, apply for a work visa. This will allow you to work while you are in Canada and will help you get sponsored for a long-term visitor visa.

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Tips for writing an immigration application that impresses

Now that we've gone over what you should include in your letter of invitation, let's take a look at what you can do to impress the immigration officers and make the application process a little less painful. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Make your application as detailed as possible. The more information the officers have to go through, the easier it will be for them to reject your application. Your application must be as detailed as your passport, bank statements, and contractor lists. If you are applying for a work visa, make sure to attach your contract or list any gigs you have going on. This will help the officers know exactly what you are willing to do for the organization. If you are applying for a study visa, include essay topics, reading assignments, and study guides. This will help you stand out from the applicants and receive a favorable ruling on your application.

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an example invitation letter for a visa to Canada

You can view a complete written letter with blank places where the personal information should be put below to get a better idea of what a Canadian letter of invitation should look like and what sort of information it should include.

In the example below, the invitee is referred to as the "Inviting Person," whilst the applicant is referred to as the "Applicant." As long as the relationship is stated and the aforementioned conditions are met, anybody can use this sample for any occasion.
After that, for your reference, we've included a finished letter from someone welcoming a friend to stay in Canada.

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Name of Place in Canada, Date

To the Canadian Embassy in (Country Name)

(Embassy Address)

(Embassy Phone Number)

Subject: Invitation Letter for Mr./Miss (Applicant’s Name)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was born on (date of birth), and my name is (inviting person's name), and I come from (location in Canada). I dwell in (state of citizenship or permanent residency in Canada) and I am (address in Canada). The number of people living in my home is (number of persons in the home), and I work at (job title, employer, and location), earning (monthly or annual salary).

I am extending a brief invitation to (Applicant's Name), who was born on (date of birth) and presently resides in (address in Foreign Country), to visit Canada through the medium of this letter. From the date of arrival until (date of departure), (Applicant's Name) will reside at (location and address in Canada, such as your home or a hotel) (date of departure). We will be traveling and travelling around Canada for (length in days or months) in various destinations. My name is (Applicant's Name), and we are (State relationship such as brother, sister, friend, etc.).

(Enter current job title and location) (Applicant's Name) presently earns (monthly or yearly wage) that will allow them to support their stay in Canada. (Applicant's Name) will not overstay their visa and is a legitimate traveler. They have ongoing job commitments in (Name of foreign nation), and (Applicant's Name) will need to resume employment as soon as they get back to Canada.

A certified copy of my bank statement for the last six months and a document verifying my legal status in Canada (such as a passport, birth certificate, or PR card) are attached.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any more queries about (Applicant's Name) or myself.
I look forward to having (Applicant’s Name) visit me in Canada so we can spend time together and visit Canada.

Kind regards,

(Inviting Person’s Name)


(Phone number)



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The process of applying for a Canadian visa can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be stressful! We've put together this guide to help you get through the steps easily. From our detailed steps on how to write a letter of invitation for a Canadian visa application to learn about the different types of visas and how to choose the right paper type for your application, we've got you covered.

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