Minimum requirements for Canadian jobs, including salaries (2023)

According to the current economic realities, there are more work chances than ever. Employers are searching for candidates with the appropriate skills and salaries for available higher-paying positions. But this goes beyond mere lip service. The government is taking steps to reduce the digital gap by investing in technology, rural wiring regions, building the careers website, and encouraging everyone to obtain fulfilling employment. Job searchers may identify appropriate vacancies and land jobs with the aid of career portals, careers, and Career Central. Additionally, they may assist job seekers in comparing their qualifications to the specifications of the position or analyze their cover letter and resume to ensure they adhere to the employer's standards.

Minimum requirements for Canadian jobs, including salaries (2023)

Well, this subject pretty much speaks for itself. I've gathered data on Canadian occupations that need a minimal education and supplied wage statistics to assist you, presuming that the minimum required criteria will be satisfied. When looking for the ideal career, this is quite helpful! To get employed, you must meet at least one of these requirements! Don't worry if your credentials aren't quite there yet; we have more tools to assist you there.

This page reveals the Minimum Qualifications needed for Jobs in the Canadian Market. With one of the most stable economies in the world, Canada is an attractive country for foreigners to settle. There are several available vacancies there.

About work permits in Canada

A work permit allows a foreign citizen to work in Canada for a specific employer and occupation. To find out if you need one, visit our page about Moving to Canada permanently. Your employer must apply for a work permit through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada if you need a work permit. You’ll most likely need at least one year of full-time work experience in your field of expertise to be eligible.

Job Information Employment in Canada

In 2018, Canada's unemployment rate was 5.7%, a significant decrease from the 6.0% and 6.2% recorded in 2017 and 2016, respectively. By 2022, employment rates are anticipated to decline slightly, while unemployment rates will stay at 5.5%.

Job Titles in 2023

In 2023, the following job titles will be determined. The pay ranges reflect the usual low and high earnings for each occupation in Canada. Payments vary according to a person's geographic area, level of education, work history, and other factors. Thus, their actual income may differ by up to 25% from what is shown below. The complete list of job titles for 2023 may be seen in the table below.

Required Education

Bachelor's degree or higher. Required Experience: Applicants must have at least six months of work experience in the field or a related area. Required Skills: Problem-solving, communication, and customer service skills are essential. Fast-paced environment, detail-oriented, and ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously required.

Expected Experience

Entry-level candidates must have 0 years of experience. A bachelor’s degree is preferred for all positions. Other qualifications may be required, depending on the job title and area of expertise. Candidates who meet these minimum requirements are encouraged to apply. Entry-Level Salary: $1,000/monthly ($12,000/annually) - $1,500/monthly ($18,000/annually) - $2,000/monthly ($24,000/annually). The salary range above represents a small sampling of Canadian jobs which entry-level candidates can expect to earn within their first year after hire.

Average Salaries by Job Title in 2023

Accounts Payable Clerk: $39,900.00; Personal Lines Account Manager: $59,800.00; Management Analyst - Supply Chain Management: $61,600.00; Call Center Manager: $66,200.00. Bilingual Customer Service Representative: $42,500.00; Bilingual Administrative Assistant: $36,000.00; Executive Assistant with Legal Experience: $54,500.00; Systems Administrator with Windows Server Experience:51,700.00;

Popular occupations in Canada in 2023 for foreigners

Canada is, without a doubt, a popular choice for foreigners looking to settle here:

A Sales Department Representative

If you are good at talking to people and persuading them to buy your products or services, you have a variety of possibilities. A successful salesperson might have a significant impact on a company.

The industry offers a competitive pay structure, with yearly salaries in Canada ranging from $52,000 to $75,000.


It is common practice for employers of sales representatives to require a bachelor's degree.


It is the position in Canada that receives the second-most applications for immigration. If you have experience keeping records and books, which every company does, you may be a very significant asset to a company. In addition, the salary scale for this work profile in Canada ranges from 63,000 to 75,000 Canadian dollars, making it more predictable than other careers in the country.


It requires a bachelor's degree and completion of a professional training program that the provincial institute has approved of chartered accountants.

Project Manager for Information Technology:

The majority of industries in today’s world are technology based. Therefore, this is a vast sector for you if you are knowledgeable about the most recent technical developments and can innovate in the industry.

Their salaries range from roughly 90,000 to 1,14,000 Canadian dollars.


A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or IT project management is a requisite for an IT project manager.

Analysts of Business Operations:

One field that has expanded in recent years is business analysis, a profile for the position. Because it is such a vast topic, experts with a wide range of backgrounds are required to discuss it.

The compensation range for this emerging industry is relatively high, ranging from 73,000 to 87,000 Canadian dollars.


In most cases, candidates seeking entry-level work in the business analysis must possess a bachelor's degree.

Recruitment Specialists:

The company may benefit from the assistance of a recruitment professional in locating qualified human resources. You may contribute to an organization's success by helping them hire the right people for their open positions, and almost every company does.

This employment has a salary range that goes from $59,000 up to $71,000.


To work as a recruitment specialist, you need a bachelor's degree in a relevant field, such as business administration, human resource management, or a related study area.

Here is a table that shows the Qualification and Salaries of The Job Offered in Canada:

Jobs in Canada Qualifications Annual Salaries
Auto Sales  Associate Bachelor’s degree or high school diploma $250,000
Parliamentary Commissioner Degree in Law or public administration $350,000
Surgeons UG PG medical degree $320,000
Structural Engineer Bachelor’s degree in Structural engineering or civil engineer $215,000
Data security specialist bachelor's Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity $99,000
HR manager Bachelor’s degree in personnel management $150,000
Veterinarians Four-year scientific undergraduate degree. $100,000
Law Four-year undergraduate degree and three years of law. $300,000
Technical Program Manager Bachelor’s degree in computer science and software engineering. $130,000
Pharmacist A degree related to pharmacy $110,000
Software engineer bachelor  Bachelor’s degree in software engineering $105,000
Chief executive officer Bachelor’s degree in chief executive officer $260,000
Architecture Degree approved by ARB $160,000
Airline pilot bachelor's Bachelor’s degree in aviation $210,000
Psychiatrist Five-year residency in psychiatry. $210,000

Here is a Table that shows the Qualification and Salaries of the job offered to foreigners who wish to settle here:

Jobs in Canada Qualifications Annual salaries
Sales Representative Bachelor’s degree in any field. $51,000 to $65,000
Accountant College degree approved by chartered accountants. $63,000 to $75,000
Project Manager for Information Technology Bachelor’s degree in computer science or relevant field. $100,000 to $115,000
Business Analyst Bachelor’s degree in any field. $70,000 to $90,000
Recruitment Specialists Bachelor’s degree in business administration or HR management. $60,000 to $75,000

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Final words

Reading some of these cover letters and resume samples makes you feel overwhelmed. Some of them are pretty lengthy or even frightening. No matter how fantastic a job appears on paper, remember that what matters is who you are as a person. These illustrations might serve as models for your objectives and requirements. If one of them isn't quite what you're looking for, change it until it is. The most crucial steps are finding an appropriate example for your circumstance and giving yourself time to practice before submitting applications.

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