How to Obtain a Canada Courtesy Visa

You can apply for permanent residence in Canada via the federal Skilled Workers program or the Federal Skilled Trades Training program. The two programs are different, with their own applications and requirements. If you’re looking to come to Canada to work, study or visit family, you may want to consider a job offer from an eligible employer who offers a government-issued invitation to permanent residence. You also have more options when it comes to applying for a work visa. However, if you're interested in immigrating to Canada permanently and seeking a work visa, your best option is to attend a federally-approved training program such as one available through the Confederation of Canadian Municipalities (CCM) or another authority recognized by the Government of Canada. To find out if there are any programs that meet your needs, check out the current vacancies on this page and follow the instructions provided next. If an employer isn't offering a job opportunity that meets your quali

How to Obtain a Canada Courtesy Visa

Before you apply for a Canada courtesy visa, you need to make sure that the job offer you’re applying for falls within the scope of your work permit. In other words, does it require you to leave your home country and relocate to Canada? If the answer is yes, then it’s best to obtain a courtesy visa. Doing so will help you avoid any potential delays or problems during your immigration process. Generally speaking, there are 4 eligibility requirements for a Canada courtesy visa: You must be an eligible international student from a specific country who is willing to relocate to Canada in order to pursue a degree program. You must be an eligible national of one of these countries in order to qualify — check out our article on what qualified Canadian nationals are (and aren’t) acceptable applicants for a Canada courtesy visa. If all else fails, it may be worth applying for a standard immigration visa instead. A standard immigrant visa will give you the chance to live and work in Canada without having your application interfere with your career progress. It’s also generally cheaper than trying to obtain aCanada courtesy visa.
According to the definition of a courtesy visa, it follows the same regulations as official and diplomatic visas. Once they have it, they are only permitted to visit Canada for a set length of time if they are there on business.

They cannot attempt to get Canadian citizenship or overstay their visa. Additionally, they are not permitted to attempt to get documents issued in Canada or submit applications for Canadian services like health insurance. They must apply for the Visitor Visa rather than the Courtesy Visa if they wish to travel to Canada but do not have any official business there.

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What is a visa

A visa is a legal document that allows you to travel to a specific country. It doesn’t enable you to work in the country you’re visiting — that’s what a work visa is for. However, a “colloquial term” used by travel agencies to describe visas is “travel documentation.” This includes tourist, transit, business and emergency travel documents.

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What is Canada Courtesy Visa

The term “courtesy” is used often when discussing the Canada courtesy visa, but it’s actually a bit of a misnomer. This is a non-immigrant visa, so you won’t be coming to Canada on a “courtesy” basis. Rather, this is a visa that’s intended for people who have a job offer in their home country and who want to move to Canada in order to take it. In other words, a Canada courtesy visa is a visa for people who want to work in Canada and want to do so on a seasonal or part-time basis.

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What Are the Eligibility Requirements for a Canada Courtesy Visa?

You must be an eligible international student from a specific country who is willing to relocate to Canada in order to pursue a degree program. You must be an eligible national of one of these countries in order to qualify — check out our article on what qualified Canadian nationals are (and aren’t) acceptable applicants for a Canada courtesy visa.

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What are the requirements of the Courtesy Visa?

In order to get the Courtesy Visa, the applicant must fulfill a range of requirements that make them eligible for it. They must justify why the Canadian Government should give them a visa that is equivalent to the Diplomatic Visa without them having the position for it.

In order to qualify for the Courtesy Visa to Canada, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Temporary Resident visas as well as the following criteria :

  •     You must hold an important diplomatic or official position that is different from those that you need to qualify for the Diplomatic and Official Visa.
  •     You must have official duties in Canada.
  •     The Government of Canada must have a bilateral interest or agreement with your country;
  •     You must have an official invitation from a Canadian governmental or international institution to come to Canada.
  •     You must have a valid passport issued by your government with a validity for more than the time you will spend in Canada.

If you do not meet these criteria, the Canadian Consulate will require further proof for you to make your case and convince them why they should give you this visa. However, if you cannot prove that you are eligible, then your application will be rejected immediately. The only solution after that is to apply for a different type of Canada Visas.

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Is There a Fee for an Application for a Canada Courtesy Visa?

There is no fee for an application for a Canada courtesy visa, and in fact, the application process is free. However, the fee for a standard immigration visa is different. It’s called a non-quick-fley and is usually more than the cost of applying for a Canada courtesy visa. If you have the money to pay this fee, go for the standard immigration visa.

When Can You Apply for a Canada Courtesy Visa?

You may apply for a Canada courtesy visa any time between now and when you’ll start your course of study in Canada. As soon as you get your visa, apply for a work permit and start looking for a job. You can also try applying at the CIC office in your home country if you’re short on time — they’ll process your paperwork and get you a visa in less than a week.

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How to Submit a Request for a Courtesy Visa

The Diplomatic and Official Visa application process is comparable to the Canada Courtesy Visa but distinct from other Temporary Resident Visa applications. If you meet the criteria listed above and need to go to Canada for business purposes, you can apply for a direct visa at the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence.

Compile the document file

In addition to what is commonly required for any Canada visa application, you must also submit the following supporting documents:

  •     Your valid government issued passport.
  •     Your bank or other financial statements to prove you have enough funds for the trip to Canada.
  • One of the following statements:
  •         A written requires from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state to which the head of mission or post is accredited, or for which the diplomatic mission or consular post has jurisdiction in visa matters.
  •         A written request from a diplomatic mission or consular post of your 
  •         A written request from an international organization listed in the Temporary Worker Guidelines.
  •         A letter from the Secretariat of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for which the diplomat or official will work with, signed by or on behalf of the Secretary General.
  •         Other official invitations from a governmental or international agency or institution in Canada.
  •     A Declaration Letter from you to the Government of Canada where you explain why they should give you the Courtesy Visa visa.
  •     An itinerary of what your official duties in Canada will be for the time you are there.
  •     Two Canada visa photos that meet the photo guidelines.

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Be present for the interview at the Canadian Embassy.

You must include the application costs with these papers as well. The representative from the Canadian Embassy may interrogate you when you hand over these documents regarding the reason for your trip to Canada and your job responsibilities. You could additionally be required to provide your biometric data or undergo a medical check as you do not qualify for the Diplomatic and Official Visa as a diplomat or official.
If that occurs, you'll need to bring your fingerprints, a photo of yourself, a medical form, and the relevant test results to your interview appointment. The findings must then be sent to the Canadian Consulate together with the aforementioned papers.

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How much do Courtesy Visa fees cost?

You must also pay the same $100 application cost for the Courtesy Visa as you would for any other Temporary Resident Visa. If you need to provide your biometric information, you can also be required to pay the CAD$85 biometrics cost as you are not a diplomat or official.

Finally, you will also be required to pay a processing charge of around CAD$45 in order to get your passport processed.

How long does it take to process a courtesy visa?

The processing of the Courtesy visa by the government and their communication of their decision to you can take anywhere from a week to two months. However, the length of time it takes to execute a Courtesy Visa depends on how busy the Canadian Consulate is.

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How Long Is the Validity Period for the Courtesy Visa?

In most cases, the Courtesy Visa is granted in the form of a multiple-entry visa that is valid for up to three years. On the other hand, given that this is only a Temporary Canada Visa, you are not permitted to remain in the country for longer than six months at a time.

It is common practice to advise visitors to just remain in a foreign nation for the amount of time necessary to complete their official responsibilities before departing for their own country. After that, you are allowed to come back if you have official tasks, but you are restricted to staying for no longer than six months at a time.

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If I have a Courtesy Visa, would I be able to bring my Dependents with me?

You are permitted to bring your dependents with you to Canada for the duration of your vacation if you have a Courtesy Visa. This is because the Courtesy Visa is quite similar to the Diplomatic Visa and the Official Visa. Your spouse or common-law partner, as well as any children who are younger than 22, are considered to be dependents in this scenario.

If you have children who are older than 22 years old, the only way for them to travel with you is if they are students who attend school full-time. However, if you have children who are above the age of 25, they are not permitted to join you on the Courtesy Visa and instead need to apply for a Visitor Visa in order to travel with you.

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The Canadian government doesn’t officially have a rule against bringing workers from other countries to work in Canada under a visa, so long as they meet the eligibility requirements. However, the government makes it clear that workers on a tourist visa are not considered employees. That’s why it’s best to seek a Canada courtesy visa if you want to work in Canada but don’t need to.

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